Phillip G. Edmondson

Kansas City, Missouri

Phone: 816-454-9315 Mobile: 816-729-9635

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Race Car Driver and/or Race Team Support Specialist Seeking professional career in racing as driver or as a team support member in mechanical, computer, or logistics. Presently employed in telecommunications and computer engineering.

Present Career Goal: Obtain job in professional racing. Will prove driving ability by building a progressively successful race driving record. Will seek employment as a racing instructor. Will consider all racing employment possibilities. Will relocate. Will drive with a burning passion to win.

Go Kart Racing (2004 and 2005 Seasons with KCKA)

 2004 and 2005 Season Champion in 125 Shifter class. Drove a 1999 BRM kart with Yamaha YZ125 motocross engine

2003 - Attended to family matters.

Go Kart Racing (2001 and 2002 Seasons with KCKA)

 2001 Season - Began a serious racing effort in June 2001, initially in Go-Kart asphalt road coarse sprint racing as an affordable launch back into racing. Raced a 1989 Margay Lynx Kart with a Yamaha 100cc engine to sixth overall in Senior Yamaha 1 class against current racing technology.

 2002 Season Champion - Racing a 2001 Tony Kart Mitox kart with Yamaha 100cc in Senior Yamaha 2 class achieved season championship against strong competition.

Skip Barber Racing Experience (5/6/01 and 7/14/01)

Drove 35 laps in NASCAR Winston Cup cars in two sessions at the new Kansas Speedway.

 First session: Drove 15 laps on 5/20/01. Got 165 MPH indicator light on several but did not take the best line on front straight.

 Second session: Drove 20 laps on 7/14/01. Followed correct line and went significantly faster than the 165 MPH student maximum speed

and lapped all other cars several times. 165 MPH was indicated by a RPM indicator light that was on for most of the length of both

straightaways. Drove the #19 Yellow Freight car that Ron Hornaday drove in the 2000 season.

Jim Russell International Racing School (8/14/74)

 Completed the Jim Russell 5 day driving school at Willow Springs Raceway, CA driving a formula Ford. Met Dan Gurney at Willow Springs while he was testing a Formula 5000 car with Forbes Robinson Jr. driving.

Sport Car Club of America Membership (1971 - 1974)

Active SCCA member for 3 years. Attended meetings, made contacts

 Attended local Solo II events.

 Drove B Sedan Pinto in SCCA driving school. Completed 12 hours of driving credit toward SCCA license.

 Volunteer worker assisting mechanic for team with Brabham and Surtees formula 5000 race cars.

Spectator and Technical Fan (1966 - 1971)

Primarily attended college. Attended local circle track and SCCA live events

Circle Track Racing (1963 1964)

At age 15 16 assisted relative in fabrication of low budget stock car for local mile dirt racing. Co drove car with owner until owner crashed which ended opportunity.

Go Kart Racing (1960- 1964)

At age 12 to 16 raced single engine sprint karts at two local tracks weekly for four seasons. Parents provided

minimal financial support only with no technical or personal interest in racing.

 Performed all maintenance and performance modifications on 2 cycle racing engines with no help.

 Achieved respectable record with numerous wins.

 Raced weekly at two local tracks. Traveled to other tracks in Midwest. Raced several times at House Springs track near St Louis where

national championship races were held at mile track with 19 turns.

Early Racing Background

 1961-1966 Read every racing book in middle and high school libraries. Learned much racing history at young age.

Also read many racing books in public library.

 1958-1961 Saw first race at age 10 with brother-in-law. Sneaked into races by self when possible. In youth

before 1961 always "raced" toys, wagon, bicycles, etc.


A.A., Science/Chemistry, Missouri Southern State College, Joplin, MO

Attended University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry